The Replica workshop is closed for the festive period from Monday 18th December until Tuesday 2nd January 2024, our last day for dispatch is Friday 15th December

We look forward to working with you in the new year but for now, from all the team at Replica we wish you a restful break this season.
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Shellfish, crustaceans and rocks

dr030 Ice Cube x 12 fi031 Spider Crab fi038 Starfish Small Yellow (7.5cm) (end of line) fi041 Crab Small (Width 22cm) fi042 Crab Large (Width 33cm) fi043 Lobster Large (Length 50cm) fi044 Lobster Small (Length 30cm) fi045 Mediterranean Lobster (Length 34cm) fi049  by special request fi050 Mussel Shell Small (Width 7cm) (end of line) fi052 Scallop Shell Small (Width 11cm) fi054 Starfish Small Orange (7.5cm) (end of line) fi055 Mussel Shell Large (Width 9cm) (end of line) fi056  by special request fi057 Seahorse Yellow (Length 10cm) fi075  by special request st006 Mussel String st007  by special request