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We look forward to working with you in the new year but for now, from all the team at Replica we wish you a restful break this season.
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Prepared vegetables

vp001 Brussels Sprout x 5 vp002  by special request vp003  by special request vp004 Baby Carrot x 5 vp005 Carrot Slice x 10 vp006 Cucumber Slice x 5 vp007 Celery Stick vp008  by special request vp009 Celery Slice x 10 by special request vp010 Courgette Ring x 5 vp011 Beetroot Slices vp012 Mange Tout x 5 vp015  by special request vp016 Cut Green Bean Portion vp025 Mixed Vegetable Portion 90g vp026 Mushroom Half - Cooked - Small x 5 vp027 Mushroom Slice Small Raw x 5 vp028 Onion Ring Raw x 5 vp029 Mushroom Button Cooked x 5 vp035 Green Pea Portion vp036 Pepper Ring Yellow x 3 vp037 Baked Potato vp038 Roast Potato pieces x 3 vp039 French Fries Portion (35) by special request vp040  by special request vp042 Boiled Potato Small x 5 vp042 Boiled Potato Small x 5 vp042 Boiled Potato Small x 5 vp043 Boiled Potato Large x 3 vp045 Roast Parsnip Pieces x 2 vp046 Pepper Ring Green x 3 vp047 Pepper Ring Red x 3 vp048 Leek Slice x 5 by special request vp050 Radish Slice x 5 by special request vp051 Rice Portion White vp055 Sweetcorn Portion vp056 Spring Onion x 3 vp058 Mushroom Half - Cooked - Large x 5 vp060 Tomato Slice x 3 vp061 Tomato Half Grilled vp062 Potato Chips Traditional x 20 vp063 Tomato 1/4 x 5 vp065 Cherry Tomato x 3 vp067 Corn On Cob Section vp070 Saute Potato Portion vp074 Onion Half by special request vp075 Red Cabbage vp076 Potato Puree vp077 Onion Rings Red x 5 vp078 Mushroom Slice Large Raw x 5 vp079 Mushrooms x 3 vp080 Carrot Batons x 7 vp082 Baked Potato Small by special request vp103 Rice Portion Brown