The Replica workshop is closed for the festive period from Monday 18th December until Tuesday 2nd January 2024, our last day for dispatch is Friday 15th December

We look forward to working with you in the new year but for now, from all the team at Replica we wish you a restful break this season.
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Small cakes and flans

ca001  by special request ca002 Lattice Pie Apple ca003 Chelsea Bun ca004 Doughnut Ring ca005 Jam Tart Strawberry ca006 Scone Fruit Large ca007 Danish Pastry Folded by special request ca008 Danish Pastry Fruit ca009 Iced Finger ca010 Chocolate Eclair ca011 Scone Small (whole) ca015 Profiterole (chocolate) ca016 Mince Pie ca017 Lattice Pie Cherry bi019 Viennese Finger ca035 Danish Pastry Apricot ca028 Cream Horn ca033 Fruit Flan Strawberry Small ca034 Scone with Butter (2 halves) ca036 Fruit Flan Raspberry Small ca037 Fruit Flan Blackberry Small ca040 Doughnut with Cream ca042 Fruit Flan Strawberry Large ca045 Battenburg Slice ca047 Muffin Toasted half with Butter ca048 Viennese Fingers with Cream ca050 Chou Bun ca057 Pancake ca059 Cherry Bakewell ca070 Doughnut Ring Iced - Pink ca072 Danish Pastry Iced ca077 Crumpet with Butter ca079 Tea Cake small Toasted with Butter (2 halves) ca080 American Muffin Chocolate ca082 American Muffin Blueberry ca086 Jam Tart Orange ca087 Jam Tart Blackberry ca088 Jam Tart Lime ca089 Jam Tart Lemon ca091 Madeira Slice ca092 Fruit Flan Blackberry Medium ca093 Fruit Flan Strawberry Medium ca094 Mini Roll Chocolate ca095 Scone with Strawberry & Cream ca096 Cream Roll ca097 Doughnut Apple ca098 Mixed Fruit Tart ca099 Cheesecake Blueberry Slice with Blueberries ca101 Cheesecake Raspberry Slice with Raspberries ca102 French Apple Tart ca103 Fruit Flan Blueberry Small ca152 French Fancy Small Chocolate ca153 French Fancy Medium Chocolate ca154 French Fancy Large Chocolate ca252 French Fancy Small Lemon ca253 French Fancy Medium Lemon ca254 French Fancy Large Lemon ca353 French Fancy Medium Strawberry ca354 French Fancy Large Strawberry ca452 French Fancy Small Vanilla ca453 French Fancy Medium Vanilla ca454 French Fancy Large Vanilla fd006 Pain Au Chocolat