The Replica workshop is closed for the festive period from Friday 16th December (our last day for dispatch) until Tuesday 3rd January 2023.

We look forward to working with you in the new year but for now, from all the team at Replica we wish you a restful break this season.
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Cakes and gateaux

ca012 Gateau Mandarin Large ca014 Gateau Blackforest Large ca021 Yule Log ca023 Meringue Nest Raspberry & Blackberry ca025 Meringue Nest Mandarin ca026 Meringue Nest Strawberry fr060 Strawberry + Leaf ca061 Gateau Strawberry Large ca061 Gateau Strawberry Large ca062 Gateau Blackforest Small ca063 Gateau Mandarin Small ca066 Meringue Raspberry & Blackberry Large ca075 Christmas Pudding Plain ca104 Meringue Nest Pineapple & Kiwi ca105 Meringue Mandarin Large ca106 Meringue Pineapple & Kiwi Large ca107 Meringue Strawberry Large ca108 Meringue Peach Large