The Replica workshop is closed for the festive period from Friday 16th December (our last day for dispatch) until Tuesday 3rd January 2023.

We look forward to working with you in the new year but for now, from all the team at Replica we wish you a restful break this season.
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Period Fayre (Historical Models)

bi010 Ships Biscuit br040 Manchet (Medieval Bread Bun) br041 Rustic Loaf ga017 Hop Branch 22in (Sprig) mc034 Venison Haunch (cooked) mc064 Venison Leg Bone (cooked) mc100 Boars Head mc100 Boars Head mc101 Boars Head-Dressed + Platter pm001 Chewet Large (Medieval Pie) pm002 Chewet Small (Medieval Pie)