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Small Mixed Salad (Asian Pack)

Code Description Price Quantity Total
bda73 Small Mixed Salad (Asian Pack)
£ 56.75
increase quantity decrease quantity
vp050 Radish Slice x 5 by special request Available separately as vp011 Beetroot Slices Available separately as vp006 Cucumber Slice x 5 Available separately as vp060 Tomato Slice x 3 Available separately as vp056 Spring Onion x 3 Available separately as vw089 Lettuce leaf red

bda73 Small Mixed Salad (Asian Pack)


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The following items from our Small Mixed Salad (Asian Pack) can be bought separately :

Code Description Price Quantity
vp011 Beetroot Slices vp011 Beetroot Slices £ 6.25 increase quantitydecrease quantity
vpx06 Cucumber Slice (Single) vpx06 Cucumber Slice (Single) Not sold separately  
vw089 Lettuce leaf red vw089 Lettuce leaf red £ 3.50 increase quantitydecrease quantity
vpx46 Pepper Ring Green vpx46 Pepper Ring Green Not sold separately  
vp050 Radish Slice x 5 vp050 Radish Slice x 5 Not sold separately  
vpx56 Spring Onion vpx56 Spring Onion Not sold separately  
vpx60 Tomato Slice vpx60 Tomato Slice Not sold separately  

Our can also be bought as part of the following pack(s) :

Code Description Price Quantity
pk053 Asian Pack pk053 Asian Pack £ 197.00 increase quantitydecrease quantity

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Code Description Price Quantity Total
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br023 White Bread Slice br023 White Bread Slice £ 8.75 increase quantitydecrease quantity
sa005 Cheeseburger sa005 Cheeseburger £ 40.00 increase quantitydecrease quantity
fr122 Apple green fr122 Apple green £ 3.75 increase quantitydecrease quantity
ds004 Fruit Salad Small ds004 Fruit Salad Small £ 25.00 increase quantitydecrease quantity