The Replica workshop is closed for the festive period from Monday 18th December until Tuesday 2nd January 2024, our last day for dispatch is Friday 15th December

We look forward to working with you in the new year but for now, from all the team at Replica we wish you a restful break this season.
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Callalloo Leaf x 6
Hard Dough Bread (Open Ended)
Hard dough bread slice
Paw-Paw Half
Breadfruit Section
Akee Portion 10pcs
Ginger Root
Pumpkin Wedge
Sweet Potato Slice x 2
Sweet Potato Section
Callallo Portion
Cornflake Portion
kit kat
Thick Sausage Cooked
Chapatti Large
Pita Bread Half (wholemeal)
Brown Rice Portion (BDA Mould)
White Rice Portion BDA Mould
Chick Pea Curry
Mung Dahl Curry
Sweetmeat Orange
Sweetmeat Green
Mixed Salad Nut Pack
Small Mixed Salad (Nut Pack)
Small Mixed Salad (Asian Pack)
Bourbon Biscuit
Cherry Whirl
Chocolate Chip Cookie Small
Ginger Snap
Jaffa Cake
Digestive Biscuit
Gingerbread Man
Marie Biscuit
Ships Biscuit
Milk Chocolate Digestive
Viennese Finger
Cream Cracker
Oatmeal Cookie
Ritz Cracker
Water Biscuit Large
Cornish Wafer
Hovis Biscuit
Chocolate Finger
Chocolate Chip Cookie Large
Double Choc Cookie Large
Heart Biscuit Large
Heart Biscuit Small
Babys Rusk
BN Biscuit
Barquette Apricot
Barquette Strawberry
Langue de Chat
Biscuit Cuillere
Petit Coeur
Water Biscuit Small
Savoury Cracker
Jammy Dodger
Gingerbread Man Large
Custard Cream
Chocolate Cream
Cottage Loaf
French Stick
Hovis Loaf
Split Tin Loaf
Hovis Half Loaf
Burger Bun Split
Bread Roll Small
Bread Finger Roll
Wholemeal Roll
Baguette Small
Bread Roll Crusty
Fried Bread Half Slice
French Bread Chunk
French Bread Slice
Hovis Slice
White Bread Slice
White Bread Half Slice
Toast Half Slice
Wholemeal Bread Slice
Wholemeal Bread Half Slice
Toast Slice Whole
Breakfast Roll
Hot Dog Roll Split
Oval Loaf
Round Loaf
Tin Loaf Small
French Stick
Manchet Medieval Bread Bun
Rustic Loaf
Wholemeal Tin Loaf Small
Wholemeal Round Loaf
Burger Bun Split Barbecued
Hot Dog Roll Split Barbecued
Papadum / popadum
Nan bread
Wholemeal plait small
Long Loaf Ciabatta White (each)
Long Loaf Ciabatta Wholemeal (each)
Apple Pie Slice
Lattice Pie Apple
Chelsea Bun
Doughnut Ring
Jam Tart Strawberry
Scone Fruit Large
Danish Pastry Folded
Danish Pastry Fruit
Iced Finger
Chocolate �clair
Scone Small
Gateau Madarin Large
Gateau Blackforest Large
Mince Pie
Lattice Pie Cherry
Fruit Cake
Fruit Flan Peach Large
Yule Log
Christmas Cake (Merry Christmas)
Meringue Nest Raspberry & Blackberry small
Meringue Nest Madarin small
Meringue Nest Strawberry small
Cream Horn
Fruit Flan Strawberry Small
Scone with Butter (2 halves)
Danish Pastry Apricot
Fruit Flan Raspberry Small
Fruit Flan Blackberry Small
Doughnut with Cream
Fruit Flan Strawberry Large
Battenburg Slice
Muffin (English) Toasted with Butter 2 halves
Viennese Fingers with Cream
Fruit Pie with Cream
Chou Bun
Cherry Bakewell
Gateau Strawberry Large
Gateau Blackforest Small
Gateau Madarin Small
Gateau Strawberry Small
Meringue Raspberry & Blackberry large
Doughnut Ring Iced Pink
Doughnut Ring Iced White
Danish Pastry Iced
Christmas Pudding plain
Crumpet with Butter
Tea Cake Toasted with Butter (2 halves each)
America Muffin Chocolate
American Muffin Blueberry
Jam Tart Orange
Jam Tart Blackberry
Jam Tart Lime
Jam Tart Lemon
Tea Cake (whole)
Madeira Slice
Fruit Flan Blackberry Medium
Fruit Flan Strawberry Medium
Mini Roll Chocolate
Scone with Strawberry & Cream
Cream Roll
Doughnut Apple
Mixed Fruit Tart
Cheesecake Blueberry Slice
Cheesecake Raspberry Slice
French Appple Tart
Fruit Flan Blueberry Small
Meringue Nest Pineapple & Kiwi small
Meringue Mandarin Large
Meringue Pineapple & Kiwi Large
Meringue Strawberry Large
Meringue Peach Large
Christmas Cake
Christmas Pudding with decoration
Victoria Sponge Cake
Dundee Cake
American Muffin Chocolate Chip
French Fancy Small Chocolate
French Fancy Medium Chocolate
French Fancy Large Chocolate
French Fancy Small Lemon
French Fancy Medium Lemon
French Fancy Large Lemon
French Fancy Small Strawberry
French Fancy Medium Strawberry
French Fancy Large Strawberry
French Fancy Small Vanilla
French Fancy Medium Vanilla
French Fancy Large Vanilla
After Eight Mint
English Chocolate Milk x 4
English Chocolate Plain x 4
English Chocolate White x 4
Chocolate Selection x 8
Barrel Plain
Palette Plain
Dome White
Dome Plain
Facets Milk
Crown Milk
Cap Plain
Parcel White
Ridge Plain
Badge Plain
Head White
Leaf Plain
Leaf Milk
Leaf White
Fish Marbled
Shell Marbled
Crests White Coated
Scallop Marbled
Coconut Truffle
Florentine White
Cherry with Stalk
Florentine Plain
Flake Truffle
Coffee Bean Log
Marzipan Strawberry
Nut Basket
choc bar milk
choc bar plain
Chocolate Bar White
Belgian Selection (23 chocolates)
Florentine Milk
Butter 8oz/250g
Butter Pat x 5
Brie Wedge
Camembert Whole+Wedge
Cheddar Block
Cheddar Slice
Cheddar Slice Processed
Edam Wedge
Camembert Wedge
Emmenthal 1/4 Small
Edam Whole
Edam 3/4
Cheese Cube x 5
Cheese Wedge Small
Emmenthal Slice
Port Salut Wedge
Ricotta 3/4
Emmenthal Wedge Large
Hanging Cheese
Swiss Cheese Section
Hanging Cheese Smoked
Mozzarella Smoked
Cottage Cheese Portion
Stilton Wedge
Stilton Large+Wedge
Mozarella String (inc. String)
Saint Albray Half
Crediou Half
Pyrenees Wedge
Chevre Au Poivre
Roule Slice
Mozarella End of Line
Camembert Whole
Margarine 8oz/250gr
Edam Wedge Lightweight
Margarine 4oz
Butter 2oz
Lard 2oz
Cheese Wedge Large
Cheese 3oz
Lard Pat
Parmesan Wedge Large
Parmesan Wedge Small
Parmesan Cheese
Fromage de Chevre Log
Emmenthal Whole
Emmenthal Whole
Maxorata Cheese Whole
Parmesan Cheese Fibreglass
Margarine Patx5
Margarine Pat Single
Large Cheddar Truckle
Giant Emmenthal Whole
Giant 1/2 Emmenthal
Salami Large Brown
Salami Hungarian (20cm) Brown
Salami Small Brown
Salami Medium Brown
salami extra large 43cm brown
Salami Extra Large Brown
parma ham
Sausage Loop
Black Pudding
Salami Half
Pate Slice Decorated
Pate Section Decorated
pate selection decorated
Jaeger Wurst
Saucisse End of Line
Salami Large White
Salami Extra Large White
Salami Hungarian (20cm) White
Salami Medium White
Salami Small White
Mortadella Slice
parma ham in muslin
Parma Ham with Muslin (fibreglass)
praga ham
pepperoni slice
turkey roll slice
Corned Beef Slice x 2
Corned Beef Slice x2
Ham 4oz
Salami Napoli Stick
Salami Napoli Ring
German white
Salami French Rosette
Salami Danish
Saucisson Sec Salami
Salami Red Chili
Salami Crushed Pepper
ham on the bone
Salami Milano
Salami Napoli Ring
parma ham with label, foil, net
Salami Napoli Stick
French Salami + Net
Napoli Salami
Salami Slice
Beer (1Half Pint)
Beer (1 Pint)
Champagne Flute
Cola + Ice and Lemon
Lager (Half Pint)
Lager (1Pint)
Milk Bottle Part Filled
Milk Bottle Full
Milk In Glass
Orange Juice (100ml)
Scotch + Ice
Tea White
Wine Glass Red 125 ml
Wine Glass White 125ml
Wine Glass Rose 125ml
Milkshake Vanilla
Apple Juice (100ml)
Tomato Juice (100ml)
Grapefruit Juice
Wine Carafe Red
Wine Carafe White
Milkshake Strawberry
Milkshake Chocolate
Coffee Black Expresso
Ice Cube x 12
Ice Chipping x 50
Milk Jug
Milk Jug 2 pints
Tequila Sunrise
Blue Hawaii
Harvey Wallbanger
Pina Colada
Strawberry Daiquiri
Apple Pie + Cream
Apple pie and cream
Banana Split
Mousse Chocolate Large
fruit salad small
Mousse Strawberry Large
Strawberries + Cream
strawberries and cream
ice cream cone vanilla
ice cream cone strawberry
ice cream cone chocolate
Triple Sundae Raspberry
Jelly Red Small
trifle small
Triffle Large
trifle large
Triple Sundae Mandarin
Triple Sundae Chocolate
Peach Sundae
peache sundae
mouse lemon small
Mint Chocolate Sundae
Mousse Strawberry Small
Mousse Chocolate Small
Ice Cream Dessert Strawberry
Ice Cream Dessert Vanilla
Ice Cream Dessert Chocolate
Waffle with Strawberries & Ice Cream
Waffle with Paeches & Ice Cream
ice cream scoop large strawberry
ice cream scoop vanilla large
Ice cream scoop Large chocolate
Ice Cream Briquette Strawberry
Ice Cream Briquette Chocolate
Ice Cream Briquette Vanilla
Jelly Portion Individual
Mr Whippy Ice Cream Plain
mr whippy plain
mr whipp with flake
Mr Whippy Cone with Flake
Jelly Large
Egg Slice x 4
Fried Egg Single
Fried Egg Double
Poached Egg
Scrambled Egg
Whole Fresh Egg White
Whole Fresh Egg Brown
Spanish Omelette
Fried Egg Double Crispy
Fried Egg Single Crispy
Baguette 1/4
Baguette 1/3 Split
French Bread Slice
French Toast
Pain Au Chocolat
Petit Lu Biscuit
parma ham slice
Sardine in Oil
Vegetable Soup
Salami Slice
Garlic Sausage Slice
Pate De Campagne Slice
Pate Rillette Slice
chicken breast cooked
Boeuf Bourguignon Portion
Flageolet Bean Portion
Lentil Portion
Potato Chips Traditional 25
Spaghetti Portion Large 200g
Gruyere Portion
Stewed Apple
Stewed Appple
cr�me caramel
Apple Tart Wedge
plain choc square
Plain Chocolate Square
Steak 8 Oz Raw No Fat
ice cream scoop coffee
Potato Chips Traditional 10
Baked Fish Portion
Cod in Batter
Fish Finger Cooked
Rock Salmon in Batter
Plaice in Batter
Prawn Shelled Large
Prawn Shelled Small
Salmon Slice Smoked
Trout Grilled
Fish Cake Cooked
Plaice in Breadcrumbs
Kipper Fillet
Salmon Steak Raw
Salmon Steak Cooked
Cod Fillet Raw
Dover Sole
Red Mullet
Grey Mullet
Haddock Smoked Fillet
Spider Crab
Starfish Small Yello
Crab Small
Crab Small W:22cm
Crab Large
Lobster Large
Lobster Small
Mediterranean Lobster
Lobster Mini L:8.5cm
Crab Mini W:6cm
Crab Baby
Crab Baby 10cm
Queen Scallop Shell White
Mussle Shell Small
Scallop Shell Large
Scallop Shell Small
Starfish Large Orange
Starfish Small Orange
Mussel Shell Large
Seahorse Yellow
Prawn Whole Large
Prawn Whole Small
Mackrel Fillet Raw with Skin
Trout Fillet Raw
Plaice Fillet Raw
Queen Scallop Shell Orange
Kipper Whole
Salmon Platter
Salmon Platter (dressed)
Salmon Poached Whole
Avocado Half
Avocado 1/8
Apple Slice x 5
Blackberry x 5
Lemon Twist
Lemon Crown Medium
Lemon Crown Medium ? Mould?
Banana Chunk x 3
Banana Whole Skinned
Banana Slice x 5
Banan Half x 2
Date x 5
Lemon Crown Small
Lemon Crown Small ? Mould?
Melon Wedge
Peach Half
Grapefruit Half
Grapefruit Segment x 3
Lemon Slice
Orange Slice
Orange Segment x 3
Lemon Wedge x 2
Lime Wedge x 2
Lime Slice
Pear Half
Pineapple Wedge
Pineapple Ring x 3
Prune x 5
Raspberry x 5
Strawberry x 3
Peach Slice x 5
Water Melon Wedge
Orange Crown
Lemon Crown Large
Apple Wedge x 3
Fruit Jar Small
Fruit Jar Large
Pineapple Large Latex
pineapple resin
Cherry Pair+Leaves
Grapes Red Small
Grapes Red Large
Grapefruit lap
Grapes White Small
Grapes Blk Sm
Grapes Black Large
Grapes White Large
Mango End of Line
Avocado Latex
Pear Russet
Pineapple Large
Strawberry + Leaf
Star Fruit
Fig Green Latex
orange large
Lemon Latex
Pineapple Small Latex
Star Fruit
Apple Red
Apple Green Latex
Grapefruit new
Cherry Pack 12
cherry pairs bag of 12
fruit selection 6pcs
Display Bottle Salt
Display Bottle Garlic Powder
Display Bottle Mustard Powder
Display Bottle Mixed Herbs
Display Bottle Poppy Seeds
Display Bottle Pepper Corn
Display Bottle Paprika
Lavender Bush
Floor Mat 135cmx115cm B0
Health Floor Mat 84cmx59cm A1
Health Floor Mat 59cmx42cm A2
Bacon Rasher Streaky Cooked
Black Pudding Slice
Beef Slice Portion
Steak Filet Mignon
Whole Chicken cooked
chicken leg cooked
Chicke breast portion cooked
chicken quarter cooked
Bacon Rasher Back Cooked
Lamb Leg Cooked
Honey roast ham half
ham slice
Hamburger Steak Cooked
Beef Slice Cooked
Frankfurter Sausage
Liver Slice Portion (3pieces attached)
Beef Sirloin Joint Large
Lamb Chop Cooked
turkey leg
Pork Chop Cooked
Franfurter Sausage Large Cooked
Frankfurter Sausage Large
Pork Sausage Cooked
Sausage Cooked
Venison Haunch
Chicken Leg Barbecued
Chicken Quarter Barbecued
Chicken Thigh Barbecued
Steak Large
Sreak Small Cooked
Steak T-Bone Cooked
Spare Rib Cooked
Steak Medium Cooked
Goose Cooked
Frankfurter Sausage Barbecued
Hamburger Steak Barbecued
Beef Sirloin Joint
Beef Rib Joint Cooked
Chicken Thigh Cooked
chicken thigh
turkey cooked
Pork Joint
Lamb Chop Barbecued
Pork Chop Barbecued
Sausage Barbecued
Pork Loin Chop Cooked
Bratwurst Cooked
Rump Steak Cooked
Duck Cooked
Pork Knuckle Cooked
Venison Leg Bone Cooked
turket breast fillet
Gammon Steak Cooked
Chicken Piece with Skin Cooked
Suckling Pig
Boars Head
Boars Head Dressed + Platter
Pork Side
Bacon Rasher Streaky
chicken fresh
Beef Sirloin Joint Raw
Pork Joint Raw
chicken frozen
Chicken Leg raw
Chicken Thigh with skin
Chicken Quarter Raw
Steak Filet Mignon
Bacon Rasher Back
Lamb Leg Long Bone Raw
chicken breast portion raw
Hamburger Steak Raw
Lamb Chop Raw
Liver Slice Portion 2 pieces
Liver Slice Portion 2 pieces
Lamb Leg Raw
Pork Chop Raw
Lamb Chop Noisette Raw
Sausage Raw
Sausage s 1lb Pack Raw
Sausages 1lb Pack
Steak Small Raw
Steak Medium Raw
Steak Large Raw
Steak T-Bone Raw
Pork Joint Unfinished covered in Muslin
pork joint unfinished in muslin
Turkey raw
White Meat Sausae String Raw
White Meat Sausage String Raw
Monkey Nut
Almond Each
tropical fruit selection
British Nutrition Pack
African -Carabbean Pack
Asian Pack
French Nutrition Pack Large
French Nutrition Pack Small
Bread Selection
Fruit Selection
Seafood Selection
Fish Selection
Vegetable Selection
Food Safety Training Pack ?
Chewet Large
Chewet pie small
Jam Jar Raspberry Small
Jam Jar Cherry Small
Jam Jar Pineapple Small
Jam Jar Raspberry Large
Jam Jar Cherry Large
Pasta Jar Large
Jam Jar Pineapple Large
Jam Jar Strawberry Large
Jam Jar Strawberry Small
Jam Jar Mandarin Small
Jam Jar Peach Large
Cornish Pasty
Ploughmans Lunch Cheese
Olive Black Small x 10
Olive Green Small x 10
Hot Dog in a Bun
hot dog in bun
Kebab Prawn Barbecued
pizza 10" tomato and olive
Pizza (10in) Tomato & Olive
pizza 8"
Pizza 8in
Pork Pie Large
pork pie small
Pizza Slice
Quiche Tomato
Reception Sandwich White Cheese
Sandwich Round Ham Salad
sandwich round ham salad white
Kebab Beef Barbecued
Roll Cheese Filling
Kebab Vegetable Barbecued
Roll Ham Filling
Sausage Roll
steak and kidney pie small
steak and kidney pie large
Roll Salad Filling
Roast Beef Meal
Sandwich Round Cheese Salad
sandwich round cheese salad white
Sandwich Round Tuna
sandwich round tuna white
Pizza (15in) Salami & Onion
pizza 15" salami and onion
Melton Mowbray Pie
traditional pie
Open Sandwich Prawn
Open Sandwich Cheese
Open Sandwich Salmon
Open Sandwich Egg
Open Sandwich Ham
Fish + Chips
Celery Canape
Cocktail Sausage x 5
Crisp x 5
Gherkin Small x 5
Pickled Onion
pickled onions x 5
Radish Rose x 3
olive stuffed x 10
Olive Stuffed x 10
Vaul Au Vent
vol au vent
Tomato Boat
Basket Canape x4
Quiche Slice
Cooked Breakfast
Gala Pie Section +3 Slices
gala pie section + 3 slices
Roast Chicken Meal
Quiche Salad
Ploughmans Lunch Pate
Ham Salad
Olive Green Large x 5
olive black large x 5
Olive Black Large x 5
Prawn Cocktail Small
Hot Dog + Ketchup
Gala Pie Slice
Pork Pie Mini
Advocado Half & Prawns
Reception Sandwich Brown Cheese
Sandwich Round Cheese Salad Brown
Sandwich Round Ham Salad Brown
Sandwich Round Tuna
sandwich round tuna brown
Gherkin Slice x 5
Chicken Soup
Tomato Soup
Vegetable Consomme
Quiche Large
Quiche Slice Deep
Hot Dog Barbecued
Kebab Salmon Barbecued
Kebab Chicken Barbecued
reception sandwich brown ham
Reception Sandwich White Ham
pizza 10" ham + pineapple
Reception Sandwich Brown Ham
reception sandwich white ham
Mini Toast Canape x 4
square canape x 4
Square Canape x 4
Round Canape Large x 3
Pizza (10in) Vegetable
pizza 10" vegetable
Pizza (10in) Ham & Pineapple
Pizza (10in) Pepperoni
pizza 10" pepperoni
Pizza (15in) Four Toppings
pizza 15" four toppings
Pizza & Slice
pizza + slice
quiche asapargus
Quiche Asparagus
Hot Dog with Mustard & Onions
hot dog with mustard + onions
Double Cheeseburger
Round Canape x 4
Gala Pie Section
pizza slice deep base
pizza slice thin base
gala pie section
Radish Rose
tomato boat
Garlic String
Mussel String
Queen Scallop String
Sardine String
Trout String
Red Mullet String
Lemon String
Orange String
Vegetable String Deluxe DISCONTINUED
Onion String 10 Heads
Chili String Large Red
Garlic Bunch 3 Heads
Onion String 10 Heads Red
Brussels Sprout x 5
Baked Beans Portion
Broccoli Floret x 5
Babay Carrot x5
Carrot Slice x 10
Cucumber Slice x 5
Celery Stick
Cauliflower Floret x 5
Celery Slices x 10
Courgette Ring x 5
Beetroot Slices each
Mango Tout x 5
French Bean Portion 12
Green Bean Portion
Mixed Vegetable Portion 100g
Mushroom Half Cooked Small x 5
Mushroom Slice Raw x 5
Onion Ring Raw x 5
Mushroom Button Cooked x 5
Chilli Oil Bottle Large
Green Pea Portion
Pepper Ring Yellow x 3
Baked Potato
Roast Potato Half x 3
French Fries Portion 35
Potato Croquette x 3
Roast Potato x 3
Boiled Potato Small x 5
Boiled Potato Large x 3
Roast Parsnip Pieces x 2
Pepper Ring Green x 3
Pepper Ring Red x 3
Leek Slice x 5
Baked Potato Barbecued
Radish Slice x 5
Rice Portion White
Corn on the Cob Barbecued
Sweetcorn Portion
Spring Onion x 3
Mushroom Half Cooked Large x 3
Tomato Slice x 3
Tomato Half Grilled
Potato Chip;s Traditional x 20
Tomato 1/4 x 5
Tomato Rose
Cherry Tomato x 3 Pack of 5 ?????
Corn On Cob
Corn On Cob Section
Saute Potato Portion
Olive Oil Pourer
Tomato Kilner Jar Medium
Vegetable Kilner Jar Medium
Onion Half
Red Cabbage
Onion Rings Red x 5
Mushroom Slice Large x 5
Mushrooms x 3
Carrot Batons x 7
Baked Potato Small
Macaroni Portion
Decorative Olive Jar Square
Chilli Oil Pourer
Olive & Herb Kilner Jar Small
Vegetable Kilner Jar Small
Rice Portion Brown
Chilli Green
Cucumber Kilner Jar Large
Mixed Herb Oil Bottle Small
Chili Oil Bottle Small
Pepercorn Oil Bottle Small
Mixed Herb Large Square Oil Bottle
Baby Sweetcorn
Onion Small
Runner Bean
Haricot Bean
Mushroom Open Cup
Corn On Cob + Husk
Asparagus Tip
Lantern Pepper
Lettuce Small
Pepper Bell Green Latex
Pepper Bell Red Latex
Pepper Bell Yellow Latex
Cabbage White
Cucumber Small Ridged
Carrot With Leaves
Onion Red
Pepper Green
Pepper Yellow
Pepper Red
Potato Small
Fungus Triple Button Mushroom
Fungus Bell Headed Mushroom
Fungusw Oyster Petal Mushroom
Tomato Large
Radish Large Latex
Lettuce Crisphead
Lettuce Romaine
Lettuce Frilly Leaf
Pepper Yellow pl 32
Pepper Red pl 34r
Pepper Green 34g
Chilli Red
Chilli Green
Carrot With Leaf Nicer quality
Bell Pepper Chilli Red
Bell Pepper Chili Green
Spring Onion
Lettuce Leaf Green
Lamb Carcass
Wartime Ration Pack