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Poultry raw and cooked

fd021 Chicken Breast Cooked mc005 Chicken (cooked) mc006 Chicken Leg (cooked) mc007 Chicken Breast Portion (cooked) mc009 Chicken Quarter (cooked) mc022 Turkey Leg (cooked) mc033 Quail (cooked) mc045 Goose (cooked) mc046 Pheasant (cooked) mc051 Chicken Thigh (cooked) mc052 Turkey (cooked) mc054 Pigeon (cooked) mc062 Duck (cooked) mc068 Turkey Breast Fillet (cooked) mc070 Chicken Piece With Skin (cooked) mr002 Chicken Fresh (raw) mr005 Chicken Frozen (raw) mr006 Chicken Leg (raw) mr007 Chicken Thigh (raw) mr009 Chicken Quarter (raw) mr013 Chicken Breast Portion (raw) mr050 Turkey (raw)